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‎Oud Majestic makes history with first ever customized 14 pieces Oud Collection and names her Brand Ambassadors:

‎The Nigerian fragrance and perfume sector is growing and one of the boundary pushers in that sector is “Oud Majestic”.‎

Oud Majestic Nigeria announced the release of their first “Oud Perfume Collection named the “Art Collection ”  and proudly announces  Aduni Ade and Bolanle Ninalowo as Brand Ambassadors.

The Oud Majestic perfumes captures the balsamic essence of the woody Oud with all its intrinsic complexities. It’s uniqueness lies in the spare touches of smoky accords that hover on you like a glaze mystical smoke. It is a master piece, indeed.

The new brand Ambassadors, the ever beautiful Ms Aduni Ade (@iamaduniade) and talented Bolanle Ninalowo (@iamnino_b) are ace actors and influencers who have done marvelously well in their respective careers. ‎

The decision to take on these two celebrities came as a result of the great reach and class which they possess.
“‎We are excited to take on these two as our Brand Ambassadors as we expand our Brand”  -Mrs  ‎Chika Achonolu ,Ceo Ruby and Pink Limited, Holder of Oud Majestic  Nigeria.

Luxury addicts will be spoilt for choice in this fourteen piece collection. Among the collection are Oud Royal, The love portion, ETC.




Its the season of love and just to help you out with some gift ideas for that special someone, we made this list:

1. Perfume gifts:

Did you know that pheromones are exchanged in between humans when people are literally falling for each other, naturally humans may not be able to perceive the aforementioned scent maybe because its the pure aura of passion but the point is, scents in a similar way, registers its aura in our brains thus causing a stimulation to either love or hate the personnel wearing it, with the above in consideration, we have specially chosen perfumes that will make your spouse or loved one(s) thank you till the end of the year. Apart from research confirming these claims above, offering perfumes as gift during valentine season can be one of the most romantic gestures, as they say, love is in the air, we say, inhale its good scent. Visit the valentine shop for amazing perumes NOW.

2. Scent machines:

Seriously, what is a scent doing on the list? well, if you are a lover of brand recognition that wants your customers or even your home to smell great this loving season, scent machines are great solutions to purge your space of unwanted smells that drives away good notions. A wise man once said, if you want to live great, the first scent you perceive early in the morning has a great way to influence your day. Air freshners may not likely work for large hall and event centers anymore, but hey, space scenting machines are now available to the rescue, (POLARIS) one of our machines can cover over a whooping 5000m2 area while consuming just a little in any essential oil used with it. You can order yours at a giveaway price here.

3. Romantic/greeting card:

Did i hear you say its outdated?! For the sake of anonymity, one of our clients, Mr X, happily shared with us that his wife, Mrs X got a customized & handwritten love letter with flowers and perfume oils to her office, Mrs X was so happy at the gift idea from her husband, Mr X, he said her wife recounted that she couldn’t stop smiling while looking at the romantic letter, why?, she said that it was the least thing everyone was thinking about because people perspective about love has changed due to social media, but hey, Its the 21st century, it doesn’t hurt to try this, it might be just the spark needed to colour up your love live, as you already know, life is in colours. Call 08020715961 to Order your greeting card here.

4. Valentine Hampers:

Most people love variety with a class, this is where hampers can amplify the volume of how you care about someone, with your spouse’s or loved one’s favorite colour(s) at heart, gourmets, wines, perfumes and bespoke boxes can be used to make royalty-looking hampers. If you’re considering your budget as a yardstick, Available at your disposal are bronze, silver & gold range hampers that are meant to pass that love message in a perfect way. Order yours here now.

5. Bakhoor and Incense:

Love don’t cost a thing! Love no dey recession! Bottomline, if you want to really save money or you want that special scent to spice up your room or home or even set that special mood in a kinky way, or you like super-budget gifts that would be appreciated, look no further, bakhoor charcoals & incenses are for you. You can also order your bakhoor coals, burner and incense here.

Do you need a more hands-on approach on how to use an incense? check out this walkthrough.

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From the team at oudmajestic, we say HAPPY VALENTINE…

8 reasons why you should use the prince of desert

Designed in a brown see-through bottle lays the famous prince of desert, the same ointment that every new & old oud lover can’t seem to get enough of.

This same unisex perfume spray has been successful in turning heads at every instance that it has been called to showcase it’s potency and prowess.

For real, my intuition never gushed about it, even though the bottle itself is a masterpiece of art that creates a perception of beauty that rivals other products in its category. Three days after I sprayed it on my clothes, the scent never went off my shirt even after washing twice.

That experience hooked me to the perfume’s loins that consequently inspired me to do some research… Yeah..I did..lol

The way I see it, there are 8 out of many reasons why you should join the bandwagon of its fanbase:

1.Unisex: The perfume has never disappointed in attracting almost everyone, both men & the women folk, thereby, it is consequently ideal for both genders.

2. Aromapeutic Benefits: Did you know that this perfume is great for reducing tension, stress and even anguish, yes, you heard… one spray and Shazam…. you can be confident enough without stress to land that deal or make that worthwhile contact.

3. Luxury redefined:  As expected, Talk about luxury with a class, Oudmajestic.com deserves a resonating endless applause for making this perfume that reeks of opulence, luxury and class available to the African continent..it’s pure luxury suitable to make a Majestic announcement at any occasion.

4. Great Price: At Oudmajestic, it is believed that you don’t have to spend heavily or break the bank to smell great, as at today, the perfume is ₦30,000 per piece, what an awesome price for such a great product.

5.Long Lasting impact: Guaranteed to last, this perfume spray will leave your attire relishing in its ambience and opulence for a 72-hours long majestic experience.

6. Stain-free: As usual, among other great features of oud perfumes, The prince of desert is renowned for a stain-free touch on any cloth is sprayed on, even on the human body, IT HAS NO SKIN REACTION..no story…#Gbam

7. Specifically made for no specifics: Like it’s counterpart night oud, Either during the day or night, the experience is just seamless.. anywhere or weather, occassion or emporium, the prince of desert got you covered.

8. Wait sef….Lemme stop here, add yours, ehn, yes you…

Written by Ogodo Abiola a.k.a OudFreak

Five Reasons to use Oud perfumes


Oudmajestic is the first perfume store in nigeria with an aura and attitude that exudes opulence, to offer oud perfumes and space scenting solutions at affordable rates locally, and to the african populace at large, here are just few out of the many tangible reasons as to why you should join the bandwagon of majestic oud users.

1. Oud is one of the most popular scents on the planet today:

Oud is said to be popular and also the most expensive wood in the world; oud oil’s value is estimated to be 1.5 times the value of gold, and it is sometimes referred to as ‘liquid gold’.

2.Rich and powerful:

Oud’s sweet, woody scent is instantly recognisable and long lasting. Ranging from Ahlam Sharqia to Abeer, Awesome oud perfumes can be found in our stores.

3.Oud’s aroma is complex and as you may have guessed, woody, making it the perfect base for men’s and women’s cologne that leaves its user with 48-hours long lasting scintillating oud scents.

4. Oud perfumes are top of the notch and exotic with a special aura that ambiences an attitude of royalty(Yes you heard that right) Check out His Highness.

5. Oudh Notes are very exquisite, ranging from bergamot, patchouli, floral, amber among others, with a very subtle medicinal tang that sharpens them up, Oud perfumes and oils are defined with exotic notes.

Noteworthy mentions include(s) but not limited to Art collection as well as the supremacy brand specially made in different unisex flavors.

Our stores are loaded with Oudh products for these few but special reasons… Wouldn’t you rather get oudified?

Kindly visit Our stores for free testing or order here online:

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